Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Rock Warriors - retold by Apii

Many years ago in the olden days on the Ngongotaha mountain, there were two tribes. It,was pretty, and a nice place to be.The leader of the Patupaiarehe used magic to turn the giants of tipua forest  into rocks  because the giants were attacking the Patupaiarehe people.When the leader of the Patupaiarehe used magic to change the giants into rocks the giants couldn’t attack the people of the patupaiarehe anymore. Some people say that on a sunny day or a cold day they can hear the rock warriors moaning all the time because they are fighting over something.

The rock warriors are the people that always moans twenty four hours every single day because it’s all over something that must be very special to them.

When the patupaiarehe went walking in the forest the giants of tipua saw them and tried to attack them because they were walking through the giants forest.The giants of tipua is really big and scary but the  patupaiarehe does not care because the leader of the patupaiarehe has a spell that can change them into rocks.

The next day the tipu war party marched through the mamaku forest towards Ngongotaha.The Patupaiarehe people became very scared.They asked their leader to save them with his magic spell to change the giants of tipu into rocks.The giants were so mean and very bad their attitude was not nice at all they always love to attack the Patupaiarehe people.


  1. Hi Apii
    I found your story very interesting. I was on Ngongataha mountain at the weekend, so was really pleased to know about this legend. (I didn't hear the rocks moaning!)

  2. Hi Apii
    Great Story:) Keep up the awesome work


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