Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Persuasive writing

The issue I am addressing is,Children should be able to work at the age of 8.

I disagree with the statement that children should be able to work at the age of eight. I know that children should not be able to work because if they work in the morning on school days they will feel exhausted and they won’t be able to think straight and learn anything.

Second, if they work on school days, they might not go back to school. They will just go and muck around.

Third some children are dishonest and they will steal from the  shop and won’t get into a good job when they are older.

Children at the age of eight should not be able to work because if the owner leaves them alone in the shop, the child might cause a fire or a hazard.

My point is children should not be allowed to work because they are too young to take that responsibility.

By Keti

Persuasive writing

The topic being addressed in this text is the notion that children should work for their own money from the age of 8.

I strongly agree that  children should work from the age of 8 and I will support my position with arguments in this text.

First, it would teach children self management and could also teach children to set goals. It would teach children how to save up for something that they would like.

Secondly, it would teach them how to be more responsible in life. It would teach them to manage their time by saying no to going out because they have to work.

Thirdly, children wouldn't have to miss out on school because children's parents could home school them for an hour or more.

Fourthly there might be less poverty because the children could help out with the bills and they would have money to  fall back on.

Finally, I  strongly agree with this topic. I have elaborated on why I agree with this topic and hope children will be able to work from the age of 8 to support themselves.

By Lynnex