Monday, 14 May 2012

What makes a good blog comment?

We are learning to write blog comments that will help us with our thinking and our writing. There are lots of interesting blogs we can read and leave comments on from our school and The Manaiakalani Cluster. Commenting on blogs helps us to:
  • improve our reading and writing skills and become more confident to share our learning
  • learn more about writing for different purposes and audiences
  • connect and communicate positively with others
So what makes a good blog comment? 
  • We watched this video from Mrs Yollis' class blog for some useful tips.
  • We identified that a good blog comment is positive, thoughtful and helpful.
  • We explored some blogs that Mrs Grant had commented on and rated her comments.
  • We practised writing a good blog comment and leaving it on a blog from our school.
Click to view the blog comment
How do we know we are leaving good quality blog comments?

PositiveCompliment the author on something specific they have shared.
ThoughtfulIs there something in the post that you have experienced that’s similar?
HelpfulCan you add any more information? Something you know or a useful web link. Or finish your comment by asking a question that might add more to the conversation.
Blogs we can comment on:

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Family Treasures

Hello All

This term we are learning about Family Treasures and have put together a colorful display to showcase some of the 'special things' we treasure. We hope you like them.  All of us have been investigating the origin of our name, who chose it and it's special meaning. Each of us is a 'treasure' for our family.