Friday, 21 September 2012

Visiting the Auckland Museum a report by Jerome

The Auckland War Memorial Museum is an historical structure built for displaying  Aotearoa’s most ancient artifacts and taonga that have been preserved.

The Auckland War Memorial Museum is located In the Auckland Domain near the C.B.D. It is also a great place to learn about the most historical artifacts around Aotearoa and Auckland. It looks like a big concrete beehive and is spread over three stories with thirty display areas and galleries.
People moving in and out of the museum make it look like a bee-hive too.  

The Wharenui is a sacred place where people are expected to walk very silently without their shoes. The carved wooden rafters and beams show skills the Maori Craftsman have.
The volcanic room is found on the second floor of the museum. People go there to learn about the volcanic history of Aotearoa. It also provides the visitors with a first hand experience of a volcanic eruption.
Next to the volcanic room is the aquatic room which has a massive range of preserved sea creatures. The aquarium has a crayfish which is about two metres long as its main attraction. This room provides a lot of learning opprtunities for its visitors.
The War Memorial has a list of names of all the brave soldiers who fought in the World Wars and died serving their country, Aotearoa.
Aucklanders who haven't been to the museum should visit the museum to  learn about New Zealand and Pacific history. It will enlighten them about their past.


  1. Hi Jerome

    you have written an excellent report with details about each section and the exhibits on display. I definitely agree with your suggestion about the need for Auckland residents to visit the Museum to enlighten their learning of the past. Perhaps, you might want to check out events at the museum during the term break.

  2. Hi Jerome

    Your report about the museum is really interesting..You have written some interesting good words in your report.I agree with you how you said that people who haven't been their should go because the museum tells you all about cultures.Your report is very good I can't wait until you post again.

  3. Hi Jerome

    Your report was so informative. You used great vocabulary. I would like to go to the museum to learn bout my own culture as well. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Jerome

    I really like volcano's too, but I don't like it when they erupt because it's scary. I like your information about volcano's because it's interesting and fun. Keep up with the incredible work!:)


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