Friday, 28 September 2012

Lots of Learning Opportunities by Moli

The Auckland Museum is a really good place to visit and learn about different cultures from the Pacific.
It is a large building full of historical items which educates the people about their history.
This museum is located near the Auckland Hospital in the Auckland Domain. It was built in 1928 - 1929 on a hill.
Auckland museum houses a lot of information and has many exhibits which tells the people  about the development of both Auckland and New Zealand’s history. The exhibits have been gathered over a number of years and they come under many different categories such as bones, fossils, trees, landscapes, fish and plants
When school students go on a field trip  to the Auckland museum, they look at spears which were used to hunt animals for food. They also look at artifacts and learn about how  Maori people travelled to other islands. Students also learn about how the tools were crafted by the islanders. The Presentation given by the Maori woman  feature trees, logs, lush sub-tropical forest and wetland.
The Auckland Museum is a place that provides a lot of learning opportunities for the visitors, students and the tourists and place that everyone  should visit.


  1. Hi Moli,
    It is good that you have done some research about the museum itself. I have now learnt when it was built. It is an icon of our city, sitting on the top of the hill, with its classic columns.
    You have shared a lot of information in your commentary - well done!
    Tsana (Karl & Robin's mum)

  2. Hi Moli,
    I think that you have made a great blog post. I think that you should be writing more then one blog I think that you should write 3 post a day.


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