Monday, 24 September 2012

Learning Life Lessons - a report by Gemima

The Auckland War Memorial Museum is an interesting place for people to learn more facts about the Maori culture and ancient history.
Every time someone visits the museum, it helps them to learn even more things and helps the brain to be stimulated more and more. The museum has a lot of different historical artifacts.
The Museum is a great place for people to see, find and explore a huge range of different things from maori culture to natural history. It’s a great learning space for people to find out better information about the past or other cultures they want to learn about.
The Auckland Museum is located in the Auckland Domain. The museum is used for storing and displaying old objects that were invented in the olden days. People from all over New Zealand come to the Museum and learn about the Maori culture. It also has information about the number of volcanic eruptions that have happened in the Auckland area. The Auckland Museum has been there since 1929, It is 83 years old.
The Auckland Museum is a great place for children to go to and learn about Te Reo and Maori Culture and customs. If one lives in Auckland one should really visit the Auckland Museum and learn life lessons.

Image Source: Auckland Museum


  1. Hi Gemima

    I really like the way you have shared information about the Auckland War Memorial Museum. It certainly opens many windows to our past and provides detailed information for both children and adults. The volcanic room proved to be very popular with our class. You might want to check out the new exhibits during the term break and share the experience.

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  3. Hi Gemima

    I really like the volcanic room too, I loved how you wrote all this information about the War Memorial Museum and what to learn in there when you go there. Keep up with the good work!:D


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