Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A name that tells a story

A name that tells a story (SJ.2 NO.3 2007)
Aurthur Matereo Tangaere
Illustrated by Elspeth Alix Batt
1A) Because the Marae is a sacred place.
2A) Because in the olden days the Marae was like a Church for Maori people and know Marae are where people have special events.
3A) Te Whanaupani and Ipa saved Te Whanaupani.
4A) All of the children should have not gone there in the first place.
5A) Because she thought Te Whanaupani was dead and she was going to give her new born baby to Ipa and his wife.
6A) When I was little me and my big sister where playing with a rope at the edge of a cliff and my sister pushed be off it and I could not swim.
7A) My mum choose my name. My mum named me after my dad who was named Dan.


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