Saturday, 25 February 2012

Celery surprise

We did a experiment about green healthy celery in amazing blue food coloring.We decided if it was going to turn into blue food coloring in the celery but only some of the blue food coloring went in the holes and the skin of the celery.


  1. Hi it sounds like you had fun? Experimenting with different things is cool, fun and amazing. Who knows what kind of results you would get at the end? If you did not succeed in your experiment keep trying and you will get there. The more you put into your work and the more you keep going you will achieve and get what you wanted in the end.

  2. Hey!
    You know that when I first read the post I thought that of course the celery would turn blue, but I was wrong. As you told me only a bit of it turned blue. I learned today something valuable today for the future. Next please next time add more writing.

    Good luck for the future.


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