Monday, 2 September 2013

Reading then baking. As part of our reading programme this week we read about Amber baking hokey pokey biscuits and we decided to try it.

Making Hokey Pokey Biscuits

Brandon, Nganga, Mangila, Siotame, Miss Atuahiva and I went down to the kitchen in the hall to make Hokey Pokey Biscuits.

First Miss Atuahiva turned on the oven to 180 celsius on bake. Miss Atuahiva put 125 grams of butter into a glass bowl. Nganga took the bowl and put it into the sink, which had hot water in it to help melt the butter.

Once the butter had melted Nganga added four tablespoons of sugar and mixed it together. Siotame warmed four tablespoon of milk in a saucepan and then added one dessertspoon of golden syrup and one teaspoon of baking soda.

Siotame poured the milk mixture into the butter and sugar, and then added the sifted flour. Nganga mixed all the ingredients together with a spoon. We spooned some of the cookie dough onto our palms and rolled into balls. Siotame lined the baking trays, we then put the balls of cookie dough on and then flattened them with a fork. We baked the biscuits for 15 minutes and they were delicious.

By Salelei


  1. Hi Salelei it Looks so yummy.... Can I have some can you make some more.

  2. It looks fun well done for the good work....

  3. Hi Salelei,
    What a novel way to find out about heat, and you used heat in a number of ways during the process - melting the butter in the hot water, heating the milk on the stove as well as cooking the biscuits. Did you see what happened when the baking soda was added to the mixture - it normally fizzes (releasing carbon dioxide gasses).
    Great writing!
    Tsana (Karl & Robin's mum)

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