Monday, 2 September 2013

Information report writing about radiation

Radiation is an energy that is  radiated or transmitted in the form of rays or waves or particles and it is the heat  transferred  by electromagnetic  waves or photons .It does not need a propagating medium.The energy transferred by radiation moves at the speed of light .The heat radiated by the sun can be exchanged. There is two types of radiation nuclear radiation and heat radiation.

Heat can be transferred through air heat or by liquids.Heat can also be a solid like lava it’s a liquid but parts of it is a solid . Heat can be transferred  from uv rays which is a type of radiation it is an ultra violet type of radiation.Radiation can be so dangerous that it could kill a human as soon as touches them or if it has been inhaled.

Last year in the tsunami which happened in Japan a highly toxic radiation cylinder exploded. Then radiation was all over the town and people were being evacuated because radiation has very bad effects on the health of people.The radiation caused by the tsunami was devastating for the Japanese people.

By Brandon


  1. Hi Brandon
    I enjoyed reading your report on radiation. I thought it was good how you gave a recent real life example of the dangers of radiation.
    Do you know what kind of radiation it was that threatened the health and lives of the Japanese people after the tsunami?

  2. shot brandon you are the man doing the radiation.keep up the good work man,laders

  3. writing is such a hectic task, you need a study or a guideline to write better. i really appreciate your work.Great work.


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