Monday, 27 May 2013

Small changes make a big difference!

On Monday room 7 went to the Tread light caravan. It was at the hall with two ladies named Kelly and Kate. They talked to us about saving the world. We learned how trees, water and air are part of the human world. My group started at my driving day activity. I learnt that I just need to walk 3 kilometers from home to school. After my driving day it was on a flat screen tv our group had fun. For morning tea we took a break. In my group I had Tino, Manuae and Joseph. Next we went to e waste. In the e waste we saw hard drives, cell phones and a playstation controller. We looked at how small actions could save the world. After we learned about e waste we went to the power bike. On the power bike you had one goal to make all the things that go on electricity work and I only got up to 45 it was hard to make it over 46. After we had fun on the power bike we moved to the geckos and vines. It was the funniest game. We played with a balloon dice and it was just like snakes and ladders but with important messages about our environment. We had fun there! Later we moved to the travel log which had heaps of questions and most of them were about rubbish disposal and food. I answered all of the questions and I found out that I took up two worlds, well my teacher told me that. Finally at our last place the activity we were involved in use of the microscope. Here you could look at all kinds of dead insects, dried out bee hive,kina shells, human hair, animal fur and even a small dried fish. The most slimy wiggly worms from our worm farm fascinated me. On the magnified screen they looked like huge snakes. We all have made a pledge to take small steps to care for our environment and you can find out more about this on our class blog. By Kerisimasi. The end

Friday, 24 May 2013

James Finepolo's Book of Hands

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