Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pancake surprise

This Tino's holiday recount about pancakes.


  1. Tino I really enjoyed publishing your writing as a 'flipping ebook'. I attended a toolkit workshop at Glen Innes School this afternoon along with other teachers. I have enjoyed my new learning.

  2. Hi Tino
    I loved your story. You used words well (tasty, warm, contented)to convey your enjoyment, and I enjoyed the way you compared yourself with a contented cat. Good on you! I think your teacher is very clever too for learning how to create a flipping ebook and teaching you. I hope you can teach other students in your class how to do this now.

  3. Hi Tino, I really enjoyed reading your book Tino. You made an excellent job of it. would you present it to Room 4?
    Mrs Kelly

  4. Hi Tion I love the way to did your reading. Last Time

  5. Hi Tino I love the way you did your story like that. It was amazing. I think the
    student of glenbrae will love your story by looking and listening to it.
    They will be proud to see it.You are the best and keep it up.

  6. WOW! Tino I liked reading your book, it had a lot of well words like tasty warm chocolate. :D


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