Monday, 2 September 2013

Reading then baking. As part of our reading programme this week we read about Amber baking hokey pokey biscuits and we decided to try it.

Making Hokey Pokey Biscuits

Brandon, Nganga, Mangila, Siotame, Miss Atuahiva and I went down to the kitchen in the hall to make Hokey Pokey Biscuits.

First Miss Atuahiva turned on the oven to 180 celsius on bake. Miss Atuahiva put 125 grams of butter into a glass bowl. Nganga took the bowl and put it into the sink, which had hot water in it to help melt the butter.

Once the butter had melted Nganga added four tablespoons of sugar and mixed it together. Siotame warmed four tablespoon of milk in a saucepan and then added one dessertspoon of golden syrup and one teaspoon of baking soda.

Siotame poured the milk mixture into the butter and sugar, and then added the sifted flour. Nganga mixed all the ingredients together with a spoon. We spooned some of the cookie dough onto our palms and rolled into balls. Siotame lined the baking trays, we then put the balls of cookie dough on and then flattened them with a fork. We baked the biscuits for 15 minutes and they were delicious.

By Salelei

Narrative writing about My Super Car

My Super Car

One day I bought a brand new car from the Super Car shop. It was $1000  and the man said it was a super car. I didn’t know what a super car was but it was cheap so I went along and bought it.

Then I got in it and drove the car around the shopping centre. The next day I woke up and the super car was still outside in the garage but it had changed colour. I went and ate some breakfast and checked again and the car changed colour again.

I was excited so I told my brother. In the afternoon my brother and I went to Carl’s Junior for lunch. We ate excitedly as we watched our car changed colour in the sun.

Then I told my friends and they came to have a look. That night, I went to bed early because I was tired from driving. During the night I heard a sound in the garage, then I heard the car start. When I came out I saw my super car speed past and my friend was driving it.

Narrative writing - My Super Car

One Morning my dad told me to take the rubbish out because he had to hurry to work.I walked outside still wearing my PJ’s and my eyes half closed.I touched the bin it felt yucky and slimy then I opened my eyes and  I  jumped. “Ewww”  I walked back inside but before I got inside I tripped on a  remote. It looked like a toy car remote.When i  saw it i thought it was just my little brothers remote for a car and I picked it up.

It looked a bit strange I pushed one of the buttons a little car came driving up to me I pushed another button and suddenly the little car turned into this monster truck. Then I pushed another button and turned back to its normal size I was amazed.

Next I walked inside and told my mum to come and have a look then I pushed the button to turn the toy car back to a massive monster truck my mum jumped she was so surprised.

After, when my dad came home I showed him the car he hopped in and I hopped in too. When my dad and I were inside the car, we didn’t know which button to press because there were so many. My mum told just to get out because it might be dangerous and so we did.

The next day my dad said we should take the truck out for a ride we drove to a very big field not so far away from our house. When my dad hopped in the monster car he pressed a button nothing happened then he saw an on button and he pushed it nothing happened he was so angry he said “Come on guys lets go this is a piece of junk.”I was walking very slowly and my parents told me told me to hurry up but then I said “I’ll just walk home okay?”  
“Okay” said mum.

When my parents disappeared, I went back into the truck. I looked around for  a bit and I  saw a red button I pushed the button “AHHH” the car suddenly started it was going extremely fast like 10 times the speed of a normal truck. Then the monster truck stopped at home I  hopped out and my mum and dad ran up to me i looked at them and said “What's going on?”  “You were gone for so long where were you? Everyone is worried about you” Mum said  “bu-but i was just gone for like 1 minute” “No no you weren't you were gone for days”. Then I ran to my room and I saw a magazine on the ground the front cover said “ Missing truck”. It looked exactly like the truck I had.

By Keti

Information report writing about radiation

Radiation is an energy that is  radiated or transmitted in the form of rays or waves or particles and it is the heat  transferred  by electromagnetic  waves or photons .It does not need a propagating medium.The energy transferred by radiation moves at the speed of light .The heat radiated by the sun can be exchanged. There is two types of radiation nuclear radiation and heat radiation.

Heat can be transferred through air heat or by liquids.Heat can also be a solid like lava it’s a liquid but parts of it is a solid . Heat can be transferred  from uv rays which is a type of radiation it is an ultra violet type of radiation.Radiation can be so dangerous that it could kill a human as soon as touches them or if it has been inhaled.

Last year in the tsunami which happened in Japan a highly toxic radiation cylinder exploded. Then radiation was all over the town and people were being evacuated because radiation has very bad effects on the health of people.The radiation caused by the tsunami was devastating for the Japanese people.

By Brandon