Monday, 2 September 2013

Narrative writing - My Super Car

One Morning my dad told me to take the rubbish out because he had to hurry to work.I walked outside still wearing my PJ’s and my eyes half closed.I touched the bin it felt yucky and slimy then I opened my eyes and  I  jumped. “Ewww”  I walked back inside but before I got inside I tripped on a  remote. It looked like a toy car remote.When i  saw it i thought it was just my little brothers remote for a car and I picked it up.

It looked a bit strange I pushed one of the buttons a little car came driving up to me I pushed another button and suddenly the little car turned into this monster truck. Then I pushed another button and turned back to its normal size I was amazed.

Next I walked inside and told my mum to come and have a look then I pushed the button to turn the toy car back to a massive monster truck my mum jumped she was so surprised.

After, when my dad came home I showed him the car he hopped in and I hopped in too. When my dad and I were inside the car, we didn’t know which button to press because there were so many. My mum told just to get out because it might be dangerous and so we did.

The next day my dad said we should take the truck out for a ride we drove to a very big field not so far away from our house. When my dad hopped in the monster car he pressed a button nothing happened then he saw an on button and he pushed it nothing happened he was so angry he said “Come on guys lets go this is a piece of junk.”I was walking very slowly and my parents told me told me to hurry up but then I said “I’ll just walk home okay?”  
“Okay” said mum.

When my parents disappeared, I went back into the truck. I looked around for  a bit and I  saw a red button I pushed the button “AHHH” the car suddenly started it was going extremely fast like 10 times the speed of a normal truck. Then the monster truck stopped at home I  hopped out and my mum and dad ran up to me i looked at them and said “What's going on?”  “You were gone for so long where were you? Everyone is worried about you” Mum said  “bu-but i was just gone for like 1 minute” “No no you weren't you were gone for days”. Then I ran to my room and I saw a magazine on the ground the front cover said “ Missing truck”. It looked exactly like the truck I had.

By Keti

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