Friday, 23 September 2011

NZ Currency

Fasi, Davarni, McKenzie & Whaiora are the first customers at our 'learning shop'. 

We have been learning about our New Zealand currency. We can now show our teacher many different ways to make up $1 & $2 by using 10c, 20c & 50c coins. Our teachers made up a 'learning shop' for us to spend our plastic money. Some of us found counting change a little tricky. We wanted to share our pics. with you and hope you enjoy them. Learning maths is fun! 


  1. Hi Room 5,
    How exciting, to learn about money!! Did you know that if you open up a bank account, and put money into it on a regular basis, then the bank will give you a little bit of extra money?! That is called "interest".
    Mrs Plessius (Karl & Robin's mum)


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