Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Auckland War Memorial Museum - a report by June

The Auckland War Memorial Museum is a great place for people to see and visit. It also helps people learn more about their culture and what has happened in the past. It also has  all sorts of things one hasn’t learnt about, seen and known. The Auckland War Memorial Museum is a good experience for everyone.
The Auckland Museum is located on a hilltop in the Auckland Domain and it overlooks the Auckland Harbour. It is surrounded by a huge park which can be used for picnics and family gatherings.
There  is a gallery filled with Maori treasures and other Pacific items.  The Museum has a lot of memorial items on display as well. It has got records of events that took place in the past.  One would find artifacts and old things from other countries all around the world.
There are 3 parts to to the museum, and there are over 30 displays. The  displays are full of Maori artifacts and Pacific arts. On the third floor all the walls are listed with names of the people who  died in the war.
The Auckland war Memorial Museum is a place for people to visit and learn all about Maori culture and customs and about Aotearoa.

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  1. Hey June
    Nice story about the museum by the way i love going to the museum And also thanks for being nice and taking care of me and being my friend .

    By Katalina Graham-Taufa


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