Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A great opportunity and experience - a report by Hannah

The Auckland War Memorial Museum is a great place for  people to visit and  learn more and more as they visit it.  It helps everyone learn even more things about what happened in the past and had been there for many years.

The Auckland Museum has been standing there since 1929. It means that the museum is 83 years old.  It is located on a hilltop in the Auckland Domain. The Museum is housed over three  levels and has thirty different displays and galleries.

The Museum is a great opportunity for everyone. People can explore in the Museum and find out more and more about the Maori culture and customs and the artifacts found in the ancient times.

The Museum has displays of photographs, artifacts, Maori patterns and wooden carvings that were invented in the past. People from New Zealand come to visit the Museum and learn about their Culture and the past.

One can find out how many volcanoes erupted in the sea and in the open spaces.The volcanic room takes people through real life experience on volcanic eruptions. The sound of eruptions creates an atmosphere of terror and makes people scramble for shelter and safety.
The Museum is a great opportunity and experience for all people to see, find, explore, and it is a learning space for people to find out more information about the past and their culture.

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