Friday, 17 August 2012

My Game Experience by Hannah

On a cold damp morning room 7 went to soccer to learn skills. Mr Wan our teacher, is from Spain.  We were surprised when he said that. We warmed up and we were getting ready to kick some butt. Room 7 was charged up ready to go. Everyone was
sent to a court to play, 3 in each team. We were warming up so we can get ready to go, go, go!

I was on to the game. I dribble, kick, and pass. I really try hard, I play hard, I play rough. All I wanted was the ball. I dribble, kick, pass, watching the goal getting ready to kick and SCORE! I score a spectacular goal for my team. I felt really, really happy. The other team felt really sad but we didn’t even care because we were celebrating with shouting and screaming. Nearly the whole school could hear us!
Suddenly I felt totally exhausted. I wanted a drink of water but I really wanted to score another goal. The game was on again and I played my hardest. My eyes were glued  to the goal. I watched the goal with my blood red tired eyes. I dribble, pass, kick, pass, kick and SCORE! Another breathtaking goal. Yeah my team won the game! It was the best time of my life. We all celebrated with cheering, shouting, and screaming. Mr Wan was very proud of us because we had put more effort than ever before.

I go back to class so exhausted and tired. I was very very hungry and thirsty.
Finally the bell rang. All I wanted to do was munch on my lunch and drink cold, fresh, delicious water. I felt the fresh water running down my throat like a waterfall.I  ate so much that I felt as full as a gorilla.

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