Monday, 27 August 2012

How The Kiwi Lost Its Wing - retold by Oshyne

In the ancient days,Tanemahuta went for a walk through the forest with his children.He took a look at his children and saw  that they were getting sick  because the disgusting bugs were eating them.

He called his brother,Tanehokahoka and told him about his children. Then Tanehokahoka called a meeting with the birds and he asked them for help. He wanted them to stay on the forest floor and look after Tanemahuta’s children.

The Tui refused because the forest floor was too dark. The Pukeko did not want to get his feet wet since the forest floor was cold and wet. Pipiwharauroa was busy building his nest so he could not come down.The Kiwi agreed to live on the forest floor and look after Tanemahuta’s children.

Tanehokahoka was happy because the Kiwi had agreed.He told the Kiwi that he would have to lose his beautiful feathers and grow strong legs so that he can tear logs to look for his food.Tanemahuta also blessed the Kiwi and said that he would be the most well known and loved bird of all.

The other birds were punished by Tanemahuta.The Tui had to wear two white feathers at his throat to mark him as a coward.The Pukeko was sent to live in the swamp for ever and Pipiwharauroa never built a nest.

Tanemahuta’s children lived on the forest floor in the care of the kind Kiwi.


  1. Hi Oshyne
    You retold this story very clearly. Good on you.

  2. Hi oshyne the reason that your text was exciting was because told how kiwi lost its wings that could be a big part of our N.Z history!.


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