Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The Crowd Goes Wild! by Tame'e

The CROWD GOES WILD! Everyone couldn't wait for the Olympics. The Olympics are the most important sporting event in the world.Staying at home because I was sick, made it easier for me to watch the Olympics. I was really surprised by the Fencing because I hadn't seen this sport before.What caught my attention was the way they used the sword and the protective clothing they wore. I was impressed by the  Synchronised swimming. Especially how the swimmers synchronised their moves and I wondered how long it took them to learn.

I so looking forward to the Shot Put and Valerie Adams at the next Olympics. I hope Valerie wins gold for  New Zealand again.

 Photo by KRHamm 

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  1. Hey Tame'e you blog post was amazing because you talked about the Olympics and you got a picture about the sport that is in the Olympics.


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