Friday, 24 August 2012

The Rock Warrior retold by Douglas

Many years ago there were three explorers  who discovered  the lakes of Rotorua .The people were living high on the mountian called Ngongotaha hundreds and hundreds of years ago.These people were fair skinned and they had good  gardens and lots of food.

The Tipua people  were very big giants and  they were very bad people.The Tipua people wanted to take over the Ngongotaha people.They wanted  to take their beautiful lakes and their lovely land away from the Patupaiarehe people

One day the Tipua  war party marched through the Mamaku forest towards  the Ngongotaha .The Patupaiarehe people became very scared.They asked their leader to save them with his magic spell.

Tongakohu lit a fire and began chanting his magic spell.Soon the Tipua giants started feeling tired and they decided to stop marching and take  a rest.After  a while the Tipua giants wanted to move but they could not because they had slowly turned into rocks.

Finally Tongakohu was able to save his people from the Tipua giants.


  1. Hi Douglas
    What a great story. You retold it very well. You made it interesting by starting your sentences in lots of different ways.
    I was on Ngongotaha Mountain last weekend. If I had read your story first, I would have had a good look at the rocks when I was there to see if they look like giant people!

  2. Great work DoUgie !

    DaviniaPekama Was he 2012


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