Monday, 13 August 2012

My exhausting game experience by Eseki

On a damp and cold morning I got ready because my family and I were going to meet my Aunty named Lima, Uncle Lauloa and my three cousins Juli, Lama and Faialofa who had just arrived from Savai’i, Samoa.

When we got there I introduced myself to them and I helped them settle down by getting them some food to eat and doing their chores.

Later on I asked Juli, Lama and Faialofa if they wanted to play Volley ball but Juli and Faialofa said””No thank you”” and Lama said””Yes I would like to”” so I got out the Volley Ball equipment and set it up. I went around asking my other family members if they wanted to play Volley Ball  and they said””yes”” so we were divided into teams of 8 each.When we started playing I was the shortist person in my team and I had to stay in the front and I didn’t want to because when my other girl cousin named Helen got spiked by Lama and I was afraid of getting hurt by him.

After that fun and exhausting game I sat down and had a long rest and watched my Nana, Aunty’s and Uncles play Poker and Swepi.. While I was watching them I learnt how to play Poker and Swepi by just watching them. It was a bit boring but I helped my Nana play.

Next it was time for dinner and I had to tell my Nana, Aunty’s and Uncles to come inside and eat. I went back inside and helped them serve the food to everyone then I grabbed my food and went outside to eat my food with my other cousins. I enjoyed my food because it was yummy and juicy.

When I finished my food I went inside and played Monopoly with my cousins. Whenever my cousins and I play any kind of game they always say””No mercy””. Sometimes when we play card games or multiplayer games my cousin Luke cheats and pretends he didn’t cheat.

Soon after we played Monopoly we turned on the DVD player and we watched a couple of movies called The Lucky Ticket and Tinker Bell 1 and 2. While we were watching we ate some popcorn and mine spilt on the floor and I had to clean it up. Later on my brother, sisters and I got tired so we went home and said good by to Lima, Lauloa, Juli, Lama and Faialofa..

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