Thursday, 27 June 2013

A Dog's Tale

A dog's tale There once was a dog named Benson. He was small, white with brown patches and a crooked little tail that could never stop wagging. His owners Wilson and Nina cared for him very much. He was very cute and valuable because he used to model for tv shows. One warm summer afternoon, They got called up for a photo shoot for their dog but when they turned around they could not hear benson or see him. He had just disappeared into thin air from the garden. “I told you my dear not to let him out of your sight” scolded Wilson. “How did I know he would disappear from the garden” cried Nina. “After all we have just put in that new fence.” They put up posters and asked their neighbours if they had seen him round for them to let them know. The couple were miserable without Benson so they stepped up and offered a reward of $2,000. they searched for a week and just gave up hope. Then aLL OF sudden they heard A BARK COMING FROM THE BACK YARD,THEY RAN OUT AND SAW BENSON he had fallen IN A SINK HOLE WHICH WAS THERE WHEN THEy moved six months ago. It was 12 meters deep and very dark, as black as coal. To benson it must have been like a giant pit from which he could never escape, but to Nina and Wilson it was the size of A BACKYARD POOL FOR KIDS. They rang for the firemen to help with the rescue. They TRIED TO PULL HIM OUT BUT HIS FOOT WAS STUCK IN A HOLE. SO THEY UNTANGLED THE VINES WHICH Were KEEPING HIS FOOT STUCK. Finally he was free they were all happy and the owners took Benson up to his photo shoot it was a success. The end BY BRANDON.


  1. Hi Brandon you have a interesting story, its good that you used speech marks,full stops and capital letters. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  2. Kia ora Brandon,
    You have written an interesting story, with a happy ending (I like happy endings!). You have used some great words in your writing, such as miserable, and included lots of descriptions and metaphors. Well done,
    Tsana (Karl & Robin's mum)


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