Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Dream

My name is Christian Patrick Eliza and I am from Tongatapu Nuku’alofa. I have one sister and one brother and I am the eldest. I turned 12 on 17 April 2012. The only thing that is amazing is that when it was 2011 I turned 11 and now it is 2012 and I am 12 ! So it keeps on going on and on. My mom has her birthday in July and my Dad in November. We live in Glen Innes. My grandpa used to be a commando for the Tongan police. My goal is to be like him one day. He loved being a policeman because he wanted to follow his grandpa's footsteps. My mom and dad were born at the    Vaiola Hospital. My favourite colour is blue and I really enjoy Mcdonalds.

I am interested in a singer called Michael Jackson because I have been one of his fans since I was little.

I really want a Rugby Scholarship when I finish college or University. When I was about 5 my dream was to be a future All Black. I still have that dream. I play for a club called University Rugby Club and that's where some All Blacks started playing when they were little. In my future I would like to see robots as our equals because they can do all the boring everyday jobs. That means I can get on and do the really exciting stuff in life.


  1. Plessius Family17 July 2012 at 22:29

    Hi Christian,
    Well done! I have read the display in the office foyer - you have all written really well. You have included lots of interesting pieces of information in this piece, and provided reasons for many of your statements.
    Tsana (Karl & Robin's mum)

  2. Hi Christian,
    Nice work and i really hope you play rugby for the All Blacks cause you are strong,fast and you play by the rules so I hope your dream comes true


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