Friday, 22 June 2012

A life changing experience!

We are at Pac ‘n Save so that we can learn all about the different kind of foods to eat and not to eat. Ansley has been our instructor for the last two weeks. She taught us all about all of the sugar in fizzy drinks and how to read the nutrition guide.Ansley said to my group that we had to look at all the different good and bad snacks that we could not and should not eat. We had to choose two different snacks and then we would have to choose which one is better for us. I was very surprised to see all of the sugar, fat and salt in the snacks we eat daily because I thought there would be only a little because they don’t taste sugary. This was a life changing experience and I know I can eat healthier from now on.

This is a chart that shows you all of the energy and sugars so that people can know what they are buying and if you are trying to eat healthy this should be the second thing you check on the box. One some of the muesli bars or other products might have a red tick that is called the heart foundation tick that means that the heart foundation approve of the product and that means that that product is good for you to have everyday.

Fruitful Light, Light Muesli Nutrition Guide:

Energy (KJ)1570
Fat, Total (G)
Sugar (G)19.9
Dietary Fibre (G)8.1
Sodium (Mg)110

These is a very good example of a very good cereal to have in the morning because it has no fat total. This muesli cereal would be very light.

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